About Caroline

Caroline Pollock has been a small business owner since 2005 when she became a single mother.  Not wanting to miss out on her son’s growth and development, rather than re-entering the traditional workforce she became a personal assistant for hire.  Work took her to several states with her son racking up frequent flyer miles alongside her.

In 2010, Caroline returned to writing after a seven year hiatus and began blogging, editing, web design, and freelance writing.  In her blog she explores the world, sharing her snarky outlook. She edits for a mental health blog and her freelance pieces have been published through Yahoo! News and Associated Content.  A self-taught web designer, she’s quickly mastered several design platforms.

When she’s not re-reading Green Eggs and Ham to her son, Caroline is currently working on a short noir fiction on the underworld of child pornography and will be publishing a series of essays on motherhood by the end of summer 2011.

Her interests include coffee, dark chocolate, and laughter.

Caroline’s Specialties – Mental Health, Parenting, Women’s Issues, Life Management, Small Business, Creative Writing

Caroline’s Blog –My Daily Diatribes, Digital Zen Ink

Contact Caroline – mydiatribes@gmail.com


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