Say Hello to the Best Person for Your Job

Looking for a writer?  Itching for a great editor? Craving a creative web design?  Need a social media manager?

Hi. I’m Caroline E. Pollock, a freelance writer, editor, novelist, blogger, web designer, and social media manager based out of Tampa, FL.

I specialize in life management through humor, mental health and wellness, women and parenting issues, creative writing, web design, and small business development.

Professional Experience

Blogging and Social Media

My Daily Diatribes – Caroline hosts a personal blog where she tackles life issues from her tilted perspective.  Topics include single parenting, mental health, news commentary, and personal growth.

Digital Zen Ink – Caroline is the co-founder, primary writer, and social media manager of Digital Zen Ink, a joint effort by two freelance writers that provides writing, copy editing, proof reading, marketing, and translation services to businesses and individuals. Additionally, the Digital Zen Ink blog hopes to help others accomplish their entrepreneurship goals.

Band Back TogetherCaroline is an editor and collaborator for a group blog created by Aunt Becky from Mommy Wants Vodka for anyone to share their stories.  Caroline edits submissions and works to provide educational resources in a safe, moderated, supportive environment for writers to share stories of survival.

Web Design

The Saint Cecilia Group– Volunteer group based out of Washington, DC.

Business Management

Sun and Moon Yoga, – Caroline is the web master and social media director for a local business.

SEO and Article Writing

Caroline currently works to create high quality SEO articles with multiple clients such as Ozio Media, Prolific Writers Inc., and Swift Global Media.

She also writes for Yahoo! News and Associated Content in between project assignments.  Recently she’s been assigned several creative writing pieces which play towards her strengths as an author.


Caroline received her B.A. in History from Christendom College  in 2003, where she published The Feminist Movement: In Search of Solace Through Sisterhood.